How we communicate and connect with consumers has completely transformed over the past 10 years. We thought it was time sales technology caught up.
Outbound is your complete sales stack.


9% *chance
of success



23% *chance
of success



37% *chance
of success




86% *chance
of success

*Chance of success means reaching prospect


Human Assisted Dialing

The heart of sales is relationship building. We believe in the power of the phone call. With our human assisted dialing technology, four to five Outbound virtual human assistants simultaneously dial out from your lead list. The moment they reach a live person, you’re hot transferred in less than 500 milliseconds.

You have complete control over how we call your leads. Choose who to call, what time zone to call on, and even how often you want to call them back.

All the data you imported is at your fingertips as soon as you’re connected. Quickly review past activity, take notes and leave call outcomes.

Local Dial

People are four times more likely to answer calls from local numbers. With the local dialing feature, you’ll be able to start more conversations and get your foot in the door more often. Dial domestic or international leads and they will always see local numbers on their caller ID.

Power Dialer

Start dialing out to your leads with a single click. Faster and more efficient than manual dialing, our click to dial technology ensures you spend time selling and not dialing. Engage in deeper conversations as the leads’ contact information pops up when your call is connected. Seamlessly leave pre-recorded voicemails on unanswered calls. Easily track your calls and connections to consistently follow up with your leads.


Connect your mail server and start sending more effective emails when you combine them with our dialing tools. Use our predefined and proven email templates or write your own.

Personalize emails with mail merge tags and track clicks, opens and replies with ease. Schedule and stagger emails flows to send at proven effective times.

Take your selling game to the next level by incorporating dialing sessions with your emails to create efficient sales flow.



Every dial, connection, voicemail, call outcome and email correspondence is effortlessly logged in the Outbound platform. Setting up light integration with your CRM is simple. During each connection, you’ll see the CRM button to quickly bring you to the lead’s profile.

Looking for deeper integration? We can completely sync Outbound with your CRM so you can follow leads through every step of the sales cycle and you’ll always know what’s in your pipeline.

Manager Portal

We understand the importance of manager insight. With the manager portal feature, managers can schedule call sessions, view individual sales rep analytics and create sales flow templates for the entire team.


Sales doesn’t have to be a guessing game anymore. Take our detailed data insights and identify trends. What job titles yield the most conversations or email responses? The most appointments? The most sales?

Compare lead lists, email templates and other patterns to adjust your selling for better results. Use these insights to fully understand your customer.

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