Meet the crew.

Alexander Gutin

Chief Executive Officer

Along with co-founding and leading the development of Outbound, Alexander has led Web Scribble, a job board software company, to grow from 2 to 25 employees. He holds a BS in Computer Systems and Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a JD from Albany Law School.

Alexey Gutin

Chief Operating Officer

In addition to co-founding Outbound, Alexey also co-founded Web Scribble and helped to grow it to over 10,000 customers worldwide. Alexey holds a BS in Computer Systems and Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Engineering, MS in Management, and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering all from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ethan Bloomfield

Chief Revenue Officer

With over 20 years of business development experience, Ethan co-founded Outbound and helped grow it concept to delivery. Most recently, he grew ZipRecruiter from a 15 person lifestyle business to over 250 employees with 10x the revenue in two years. Ethan’s efforts helped lead the company to one of the largest LA series A rounds: $63mm.

Kristina Balfoort

Account Executive

Tony Campanella

Account Executive

Gretchen Fisk


Denis Filchakov


Luis Diaz


Matvii Bondar


Roman Hymon


Why Outbound?

It began as a quick solution to a common sales problem: not being able to reach people on the phone. Originally called ConversationDriver, the platform was created to help our in-house sales reps for another company connect with more potential customers without wasting time on obstacles like gatekeepers, wrong numbers, voicemails, and unanswered calls. As we saw our solution increase not just conversations but the number of deals we were closing, we realized this platform might be the missing link in the sales cycle.

As we’ve grown, automated email and tracking analytics have been integrated into the platform that has transformed into your complete sales stack.