Kristina Balfoort / B2B Selling / June 27th, 2017
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What I Learned From 25 Years of Employment

What if there was one trait that had the potential to put you ahead of the pack, and make you an asset to any employer out there?


A trait that is a must have in making you successful in any career, despite your industry or employer.


No, I’m not referring to those that commonly come to mind: positive attitude, work ethic, or grit. Rather, one that most claim to have, but few truly possess: CONSISTENCY.


You might be thinking, 25 years of employment?! You’re only 30! Well…I started my first job when I was five years old pulling weeds for my neighbors. In a town home community where all lawn services were included in the mortgage, it was a tough feat trying to convince people that they should pay me another 25 cents an hour just so I had enough cash to support my ice cream truck habit.


How did I do it? I consistently showed up ready to work with the gloves and a bucket I stole from my Mom’s garage. People respected my initiative, my drive, and most importantly my dependability, and they put me to work.


Consistency is the best characteristic you can have as an employee. No employer wants to constantly wonder what version of you they’re going to get this month and if you’re going to “show up.” Here are just a few reasons why consistency will always keep you employed.


It’s Measurable. Consistency allows your production to be measured. If you’re in sales and one week you throw up a large deal, but then don’t perform the next 3 weeks, employers will be left scratching their heads and unable to predict where numbers will fall at the end of the month. They’d much rather have the employee that repeatedly hits their quotas over the employee that is good for a few random deals. It’s tough to grow if you cannot accurately forecast sales, so be consistent and continually close those deals!


It’s System Oriented. The person who is consistent is most likely very systems oriented. This means you are the Tom Brady (I’m a patriots fan – you should be too) of your company. It means a manager can provide you with the playbook and all the tools, and you will execute them exactly as they’re intended. This is HUGE for an organization because they spend thousands of dollars creating these training modules because they WORK. It is your job as the employee to consistently execute them to see results. The reason you have a company to work for is because it was built on a foundation and it grew due to consistently executing systems.


It Makes You Coachable. By extension, it’s easy to coach an employee who sticks to the system specifically designed to positively impact the business. It’s much easier to identify the root cause of an issue (ex. why you’re not hitting your numbers) if your manager or supervisor can directly look at the steps you take from prospecting to close. It’s not about reinventing the wheel for each sale – it’s about following the process and refining and strengthening it each and every time. The employee that embraces this strategy is valued by management because it allows them to help you get better by easily identifying what it is you may be doing wrong. Have you ever tried coaching someone who just tries to do things their own way? It’s not easy, nor is it something your team leader wants to do!


It Builds Your Reputation.  Be known as the person who performs, not the one who is a rollercoaster. Reputation in an organization is essential to your growth and to your image. If your company ever had to choose between the employee who occasionally blows numbers out of the water, but also can underperform in any given month, and the employee that consistently hits his mark, who do you think would keep their job? The steady performer! Companies want a rock solid foundation because they can BUILD off of it. They cannot build around inconsistency. If you’re only just hitting quotas every month will you win awards or become the next VP? Who knows, but will you always have a place in the organization? Absolutely!


It Drives Results. CONSISTENCY = RESULTS. They say doing the same thing repeatedly over and over again creates a habit. So, why not create habits in your work life? The more you repeatedly do something the better you become at it. Take cold calling for example; the more you say your pitch over and over, the smoother it sounds and ultimately, the more positive results you get from it. Keep that term “back to basics” in mind. If you ever find yourself falling short of the results you expected, take some time to reflect on your process and think about where you could have went off track. Get back to the basics, stick to the strategy, and watch your sales soar.


After a while, people tend to stray from what works. They get confident in their abilities and they wander away from what drove them to success in the first place. This is how your performance can become inconsistent. The next time you seem to have your routine at work down and are itching to try something new, focus instead on making one slight adjustment at a time to perfect it. Continue to grow, but stay consistent.


It’s that one sure fire way to keep your job and easily become one of the most valuable employees.

What’s in your sales stack?