Gretchen Fisk / Productivity / May 1st, 2017
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3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Productivity is key for any thriving company. Lack of productivity can have an unwanted effect not just only on your business’s bottom line, but on your team’s morale. Here are the three simple ways to help you inspire lasting team productivity.

1. Environment

What does your office look like? Is your office welcoming? According to Business Insider, we spend over 900,000 hours at work over the course of our lifetimes. Can you imagine spending 900,000 hours in an office space you don’t like?

Going the extra step to make sure the office has comfortable chairs for employees, a well-kept restroom, and even filtered water makes all the difference. Studies even show that giving more control to employees about other working conditions like desks, lighting, incorporating plants into the space, and temperature positively affect productivity.

Here at Outbound we use adjustable standing desks and have a lounging area so our people can change it up during the day!


2. Encouragement

It’s important to find new ways to encourage employees in order to show appreciation in the workplace. Incentives and rewards with minimal cost can go a long way in improving moral.

Small changes like extra paid days off or buying the team lunch once a month for meeting goals creates an atmosphere that fosters higher productivity.

Encouraging employees gives them the ability to be more open with their ideas which positively affects the company. Keeping ideas flowing is crucial for not just productivity, but for innovation in the workplace. Even just using the right words of encouragement make all the difference.


3. Empowerment

How do you empower your employees not only to reach goals, but to exceed them? Instead of managing little tasks, allow employees to branch off. A sense of independence inspires creative thinking and the individual drive to improve. Many times motivation is delivered to a team as a whole. Instead, try empowering employees on an individual level.

Do your employees know the purpose behind their work? Knowing the purpose of the company gives individual employees a better idea of the part they play in the bigger picture.

Effective, honest, and realistic feedback is also vital to empower and ultimately teach employees. Even further, according to Cognology, the more a leader asks for feedback, the more effective of a leader they become. At the end of the day, open and honest communication will create better relationships and build trust in the workplace.


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